Beginning from version 2.1 IXFile is released in two editions. Professional Edition is a direct continuation of IXFile 2.0 and has complete functionality with all features available. Standard Edition does not support file sharing, locking and multithreading; it is meant for developers who need exclusive file access only. See table below for comparison of Professional and Standard Edition features.

Feature Professional Standard
file opening
various access and sharing modes
attaching opened files by handle
automatic file closing
reading, writing and finding data
short and long integer
single and double precision floating point number
variant, date, currency, decimal
text (ANSI and Unicode, several formats)
automatic locking on read and write operations
manual locking for various data types
multilock feature for locking overlapping file regions
block insertions and deletions
manual file resizing
automatic positioning on read and write operations
absolute and relative manual positioning
file system operations
checking file existence
copying, moving and deleting files
path manipulations
other features
optimizable buffering and unbuffered transfer
Unicode support with adjustable conversion
multithreading support
error reporting with failure/error code and error description
available as COM component and C++ library