License Keys

A license key is a unique text string that identifies the licensee and the type of license. License key must be assigned to each IXFile object before usage to unlock it and make it fully functional. License key is checked in most of IXFile methods; if it is recognized as invalid or expired, method returns with error. See SetLicenseKey and Object Creation and Initialization for description on how to properly assign license key to IXFile object.

Permanent License Key must be purchased from Integraal Software. Permanent license keys do not expire, and identify the licensee and the type of license purchased. Permanent license keys may be used in production environment and grant you the right to include redistributable files with your application royalty free; see License Agreement for details.

Trial License Key is included in IXFile installation package to give you time for testing and evaluation. IXFile software with trial license is fully functional - there are no internal limitations nor nag screens. Trial license key expires 15 days after installation and no longer unlocks the object. To convert your trial installation into permanent you must purchase license key and assign it to IXFile object as described in Object Creation and Initialization - there is no need to reinstall IXFile Components. You are not allowed to use trial IXFile components in production environment nor to redistribute it with your applications. See License Agreement for details.

See Also

SetLicenseKey, Object Creation and Initialization