The IXFile Components is a commercial software and requires license key to be legally used in production environments. It is licensed on per-developer basis; license must be purchased for each developer on a project using the IXFile components. When you purchase a license, you will receive a permanent license key that grants you the right to include redistributable files with your application royalty free; see License Agreement for more information on distribution restrictions. Each individual developer on a project using a component requires a separate license even if they do not use component directly. Licenses may not be transferred between developers.

Installation package contains free of charge trial license key that gives you the right to build test applications for evaluation purposes only. Trial license does not introduce any limitations in software functionality - you can test it thoroughly to see if it fits your particular purposes. Trial license key expires 15 days after installation and no longer unlocks the IXFile components. You cannot use trial IXFile components in your production environment nor can you redistribute it with your application. See License Agreement for more information.

See Object Creation and Initialization for description of how to properly assign license key to IXFile object.

See Also

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