The GetCodePage method returns identifier of the code page used for Unicode conversion. By default ANSI code page is used.
long GetCodePage(void);
GetCodePage() As Codepage


Method has no parameters.

Return Values

The return value is the identifier of the code page that is used to perform conversion between ANSI and Unicode text.
See Windows SDK documentation for description of code page and commonly used identifiers.


Conversion between ANSI and Unicode takes place whenever text data passed to the IXFile method has different encoding than data which this method operates on. All IXFile methods with text parameters are available in two versions - ANSI and Unicode. Both versions of the method can be used on Unicode and non-Unicode systems depending on your needs because type of text encoding used is determined solely by functionality of the method but not by version of the method. If parameter passed to the method is encoded differently, it is converted to appropriate format. By default ANSI code page is used for conversion but SetCodePage can be used to change active code page.

Unicode conversion should not be confused with Unicode system calls or Unicode text data; see Unicode Support for more information.

See Also

SetCodePage, Unicode Support